Agglomerated activated carbon

Pellet size:
Apparent particle density g/l ≥:
Iodine Value mg/g ≥: 950-1100
Moisture Content % ≤:
Ash Content % ≤: 7-10
PH Valu:
CTC %: 55-60
Hardness % ≥: 95 (min)
Application fields: Cane sugar factory,Amine liquid purification,Gas treatment,Waterworks and waste water
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Agglomerated active carbons are produced by pulverising a selected mixture of different coals to small particles. Then powdered coal pressed to briquettes, broken to granules of the required size and then further processed to the required activity.

Compared with common coal granular activated carbon (GAC) & pellet activated carbon (PAC), the pore distribution of briquetted activated carbon is more reasonable. By adjusting the pore distribution of activated carbon by coal blending technology, activated carbon with developed macropores and high molasses value can also be produced, which can be used in some application fields for adsorbing macromolecules.

Main Application:

1) Cane sugar factory: agglomerated activated carbon has lower iron content, and MgO is added to stabilize the PH.

2) Amine liquid purification:The amine solution mainly removes H2S, and the used ones have impurities and foaming. 

3) Gas treatment: our lab has tested our this type of activated carbon has good adsorption of waste gas.

4) Waterworks and waste water: Methylene blue of agglomerated activated carbon is high, and it can be used for waterworks. Besides, it can remove COD for waste water.


 Coarseness (mesh)

8*30 mesh, 12*40 mesh, 6*12 mesh, 8*16 mesh or customized

Abrasion No


 Iodine Absorb (mg/g)


Molasses value


 Hardness (%)

95 (min)

Ash (%)






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